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Another Morning In Paradise

My view changesfrom dark silhouettesagainst grey backgroundto back-lit 3-D forestwith sun highlighting golden pointson mossy logs. Another morning in paradise.

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It Is Spring

Tears from heaven wash the trees, they’re blow-dried in a cooling breeze, while chickadees and sparrows sing telling all the world, “it’s spring” Once more the woods are painted bright, the day goes on for half the night, Mother Nature … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung 2

Greenhouse steams up as sun warms dark, cool soil. Nasturtium seeds burst out of caper-like cocoons scent the air with pepper. Pastel greens, blues and reds magically appear, where only browns and greys were yesterday. Spring has sprung. ┬ęSharron R. … Continue reading

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Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus)

Your beauty takes my breath away ensuring that I will not stay. ┬ęSharron R. McMillan  

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