Sweet Violets

Violet (Common) Viola odorata
Natural. Wild. Reseeds. BC has 16 species of violets.
They are edible.
Flower: Purple and white.
Blossoms intermittently all winter.
The more blooms are picked, the more they will produce.
Pick flowers mid day when free from dew.
Leaves: 3” to 7” heart-shaped, are toothed.
Near old well and throughout yard.
Edible flowers
Tea for chest complaints, consumption.
Make nice jam, jellies, syrups and candied.
Add to salad.
Rich in Vitamin A and C.
Recipe for candied, jam, syrup in my card files.
Means: modesty, affection, watchfulness, love
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1 Response to Sweet Violets

  1. lovealways7 says:

    Violets are purple, Violets are blue. If you get hungry in the Forest 🌳 they will satisfy you😁🌺

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