There Is Life Without Facebook

Turn it off, leave your phone inside and go outside. See the world as it is in your own eyes, not through the eyes of a million viewers. Don’t think about what anyone else would see or say, just see for yourself – there is life, beauty, lessons, gifts – all out there for you to enjoy. Breathe it in, soak in it. Keep it a secret for at least a day. Everything you see does not have to be photographed and posted, everything you think does not have to be shared. Some gifts are meant just for you, notice those, appreciate those, be filled with gratitude with them and with the freedom you have just experienced. There is life without Facebook and it is waiting to be discovered, recovered and appreciated again.

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1 Response to There Is Life Without Facebook

  1. lovealways7 says:

    It’s true, Facebook doesn’t look 👀 or feel anything like “That”.. F-fake, A- actions, C-comments, E- edited, B-bogus, O-overstated, O-overrated , K-krud… 😁😁

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