And The Spotlight Shines On. . .

I love how the sun finds one stump or one leaf to shine on,
as though training a high intensity spotlight just on it
for a few moments of glory
with trees and ferns in it’s shadow.

Spotlight fades and someone else is the star.
Now a spider web glows like sterling suspended between cedar boughs.
I doubt I could capture that with my camera
so I choose to watch as it fades back into the dark backdrop again.

And now, as though a proud mother showing off her youngest,
‘look how much you’ve grown,’
light green leaves of thin maple
beam with colour at being noticed.
One small leaf appears ephemeral,
floating, while shaded by branches.

Every day the light finds new ways to highlight something,
as though it has a message for me
that I just don’t get.

©Sharron R. McMillan

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