Bucky Would Be Proud

We have dreamed about building a dome since reading Buckminster Fuller in the 70’s.
For Christmas this year I bought a dome kit from a company in the UK for hisnibs. Yesterday was the day we finally got it together. He cut the sticks from our own lumber. The hubs are all easy screw or snap in. Took two of us about two hours to put it together. It’s lightweight,
and easy to take down and put back up again. Not sure what we’ll use it for but that’s another item on our bucket list crossed off.
Here’s the company I bought the kit from, very inspiring.

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4 Responses to Bucky Would Be Proud

  1. lovealways7 says:

    🤔 so neat, so many things u could use it for; tool shed, greenhouse, outside cooking, canning kitchen, storage 👎🏻, melon patch, hmmmmm🤔jacuzzi!!!!!👍👏walmart has portables.. easy peasy….


  2. hernibs says:

    Yes, that is one thing we’ve been thinking about using it for, a newly dug garden with fresh topsoil in it and the dome
    as protection from deer. Thanks for your comment. 😉


  3. Email Service says:

    Maybe use it as a greenhouse to see how much stronger your plants would be?



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