Aaron’s Beard is out in all it’s yellow glory

Aaron’s Beard Hypericum calycinum 

‘Creeping St. John’s Wort’ ‘Jerusalem Star’ or ‘Rose of Sharon’

Planted. Evergreen, vigorous, invasive ground cover. Forms dense weed-smothering mat. 

Grows 12 – 18” tall.  

Flower: yellow 3” across with stamens like pin cushions. Blooms summer to early autumn. Hermaphrodite.  Attracts butterflies and bees. 

Leaves: Leathery, oval, deep green. 

Deer resistant and drought tolerant. 

Full sun, partial to full shade.  Prune back in April for dense cover.  

Planted 1978 in round bed in front of house.  

Means: Hypericum translates as “above a picture” referring to the fact that in ancient cultures cuttings of this genus were hung above pictures to ward off evil spirits.

N.B. This is not the medicinal St. John’s Wort, though it is sometimes called ‘Greater St. John’s Wort’  Hypericum Perforatum is the medicinal plant. It has smaller flowers which have perforations around their edges. 

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3 Responses to Aaron’s Beard is out in all it’s yellow glory

  1. lovealways7 says:

    This is very, very cool… 😎

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  2. hernibs says:

    Hah. Yes, we should adopt it for our family flower. 😉


  3. Well this must be our family flower …..has Sharon and Aaron in its names! Hugs



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