My Opus

My binders in my studio

Why am I doing this,
all these binders,
too much information.
I started researching my family tree,
then trying to fit pieces of my personal puzzle together
from the years I’d lost
when I was ill.

It became a habit,
an obsession.

No one can ever say
they don’t have a family history.
I don’t know if anyone will care enough
to read it all,
but I wish I knew more about my parents
and grandparents lives,
more details about their adventures,
It just seems important,
for some reason,
to document and photograph
and keep record.

So now it’s my hobby,
my opus.

©2020 Sharron R. McMillan

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2 Responses to My Opus

  1. hernibs says:

    Yes, I am enjoying the process very much. A testament of restoration for anyone who is interested. 😉


  2. lovealways7 says:

    God is a Restorer of lost years & time, I’m finding that myself. No need to think about it, just do it and Enjoy 😁❤️



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