Cosmos In the Sun


Cosmos flower is a daisy-like flower that attracts the attention of butterflies and birds, but people love it above all. This gorgeous flower has a specific chocolate scent, which makes it unique and easy to recognize. You wouldn’t even have to look around, you will get familiar with the Cosmos flower’s scent the first time you feel it. Cosmos flower has a cute shape – bowl or cup one and grows up to 6 feet in height. You can grow the Cosmos flower in your garden, but it also makes great cut flowers, so you can decorate your home with it during winter.
The main meanings of the Cosmos flower are:
• Beauty,
• Order,
• Peace,
• Wholeness,
• Modesty.

Cosmos flower represents peace and order in the first place, but it also carries romantic meaning as it tells your partner that the two of you will walk together through life, hand in hand.

You can also gift the Cosmos flower to your beloved one to express how happy and thankful you are for just having such a great person in your life. People born in October get the Cosmos flower all the time, as this flower stands for October babies.

The word cosmos originally comes from the Greek language and it represents love and beauty and literally means harmonized/balanced universe. Cosmos flower comes in many vibrant colours and has a deep and sensual fragrance that send off a message of love and peacefulness.

Cosmos flower has a short, but interesting history. There is a legend that the Cosmos flower got its name by a Spanish priest who developed these flowers in mission gardens of a monastery. The priest noticed how symmetrical and aligned petals of the Cosmos flowers were so that he decided to name them by Greek name for the ordered universe – cosmos.

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