Creative Art

Studio in the woods

Sister-in-law does very creative pictures that evoke the soul of the scene.  I love this one she sent me.  She uses sand, twigs, stones, shells and silk plants and flowers, diamond dust and a glass moon.  Go to Etsy to see her work on sale:

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7 Responses to Creative Art

  1. hernibs says:

    I almost sent you a cabin one. . . They do evoke soul, don’t they?


  2. jazzalea says:

    Not sure. Maybe cabin one.


  3. hernibs says:

    Awesome. Which one?


  4. jazzalea says:

    I love mine! I’m going to get another!💜


  5. Ruth says:

    Very nice

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  6. hernibs says:

    You did that and many others just as amazing. I love this one, makes me think of my little studio in the woods. I hope you sell lots on Etsy.


  7. lovealways7 says:

    Wow, that is nice, did I do that! ❤️you are a Kind Soul.



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