Kitchen Cabinet Finished

His Nibs finished the kitchen cabinet in the cabin.  Love it.  With new drawer hardware and taps it cost about $150.00 to make, using our own hemlock tree for the drawer fronts, side and counter top. Just a bit more plumbing to install under the sink and it’s another job well done.

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10 Responses to Kitchen Cabinet Finished

  1. hernibs says:

    I love that it is one of a kind, no one has anything exactly like it. Unique is a treasure. 😉

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  2. Geri Lawhon says:

    For $150 you got a great deal. It looks wonderful.

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  3. hernibs says:

    Thank you. 😉

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  4. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Heather says:

    Well it is beautiful, for sure! I just cannot see you scrubbing big pots or canning things HOWEVER maybe by the time you are living there, you will not be doing that. Just rinsing your tea cup and toast plate! Eat with the kids! He really does wonderful work!!! Both of you do!


  6. hernibs says:

    Thank you Lizanne. I love it. Just having challenges with the on-demand system for hot water out there. Might have to do something different.


  7. Lizanne Fisher says:

    wow – a work of art! Look/feels wonderful.


  8. hernibs says:

    Well it’s in the kitchen because it was free and then we had to find taps to fit it. 😉 So now it’s the kitchenette sink. Who says it has to be in a bathroom?


  9. Heather says:

    It looks like the bathroom cabinet. That sink and those taps are definitely in the bathroom at my house.


  10. lovealways7 says:

    That’s beautiful, “Blessed Hands” at work!!!💕

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