The Universe

The universe is a single reality—
one long sweeping spectacular process of interconnected events.
The universe is not a place where evolution happens; it is evolution happening.
It is not a stage on which dramas unfold; it is the unfolding drama itself. . . .
This [great cosmological] story shows us in the deepest possible sense that we are all sisters and brothers—
fashioned from the same stellar dust, energized by the same star, nourished by the same planet, endowed with the same genetic code, and threatened by the same evils.
This story . . . humbles us before the magnitude and complexity of creation. . . .
It bewilders us with the improbability of our existence,
astonishes us with the interdependence of all things,
and makes us feel grateful for the lives we have.
And not the least of all, it inspires us to express our gratitude to the past
by accepting a solemn and collective responsibility for the future.
~Loyal Rue

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