Entitlement Or Endowment Part 2

Life looks very different to us when we look at it from the endowment window, rather than the entitlement window. The endowment view is that our life is a gift; its value increases when we choose to make the most of it. We begin to see that we have been given so much without having done anything to deserve it. . . That understanding inspires gratitude and the desire to make the most of everything that comes our way. When we realize that our capacity to meet our wants and needs derives from the personal gifts entrusted to us, we are less likely to exploit opportunities that come our way or to hoard the fruits of our labours and provides the encouragement we need to reconsider how we may use the excess, when the fruit of our endowments exceeds our needs.

~Theresa Brown “Humble Heroes on EPIC Journeys”

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