Hydrangea (Mopheads) macrophylla nikko

Deciduous Shrub.
In spring thin out weak shoots and prune back flowering shoots nearly to the old wood.
Flower: Large round heads of sterile flowers grow at the tops of upright woody stems. Flowering summer to autumn. Control colour by adding acid (pee) for blue flowers, alkaline (wood ash) for pink. Cut flowers for drying after they are fully opened and start to rustle slightly when touched. They can be preserved indefinitely if you use glycerin preservative.
In 1987 our friend, Elsie Julian, gave us eight cuttings, this and the lace cap are the only survivors.
Uses for  problems of the urinary system, in a formula for dissolving kidney stones, and to prevent stone formation and to help with the pain and irritation that occurs when gravel is passed
Soothing to the mucosa of the bladder, ureters and urethra, helps ease irritation in these areas and/or kidney when the urine is alkaline.

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