Walking in the Woods Nearby

Indian Ghost Pipe

Monotropa uniflora, also known as ghost plant, Indian pipe or corpse plant, is an herbaceous perennial plant native to temperate regions of North America.

These perennial plants are generally 4-8 inches tall, with small scale-like leaves, and white five parted flowers. Plants only have one flower per stem, and flowering occurs roughly from June through September. Stems can be found alone, but are commonly found in small clusters.

It is striking in appearance because it is completely white in appearance, although individuals can have pink coloration and black specks. These fascinating wildflowers have no chlorophyll and spend most of their lives underground, only poking their heads up through the soil to flower and set seed. Like enigmas from fairy tales of old, they come in a variety of colours, reds, yellows, white, pinks, and browns. They are most often found under thick layers of leaf litter in deep-shaded forest floors

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