Rose Campion

Rose Campion Lychnis coronaria

Natural Herbaceous, short-lived perennial. An old cottage garden plant of southeastern Europe. From the Greek lychno for lamp because the flowers glow. Will usually self-seed for many years. Seedlings that form may be easily moved in spring or early fall. Drought tolerant once established. Spreads rapidly.

Leaves: a low mound of felted silvery-grey leaves bearing upright fuzzy stems. Foliage often needs to be tidied in early spring.

Flowers: loads of bright magenta-pink to red flowers. Blooms late spring to mid summer.

Use: Attractive to butterflies, drought Tolerant, cut flowers, leaves have been used as oil lamp wicks, used to stuff herbal pillows, seeds are culinary & medicinal, bonus: deer don’t eat them.

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