Columbine Flowers

                                                             Columbine Aquilegia Canadensis
Blooms May to July. Aquila means eagle, the claw-like spur on each flower looks like an eagle claw.  Started from seeds in the greenhouse in 1986. Now they are everywhere. We have blue, pink, purple, pale pink; Single and Double.
Mecca for ruby-throated hummingbirds.
Flowers are edible and are sweet
✴Seeds and roots should not be eaten; they are highly toxic
Meaning: Purple: resolution.
Red: anxious and trembling.
Pink: folly – the fool – flower is thought to resemble the hat of a court jester
Greeks and Romans attributed plant to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
Three columbine flowers in one composition symbolizes faith, hope and love.
Seven flowers represent the gifts of the holy spirit and protector against evil.
The Victorian meaning of columbine is resolved to win
Austrians believed the columbine symbolizes five doves in a circle.

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