It’s Spring

Tears from heaven wash the trees,
then blow dry with a cooling breeze,
while chickadees and sparrows sing
telling all the world, “it’s spring”

Once more the woods are painted bright,
the day goes on for half the night,
Mother Nature has her fling  –
new life comes forth and it is spring.

Tulips, children, puddles, grass
Mother Nature’s looking glass,
love and laughter on the wing,
a new beginning, it is spring.

©Sharron R. McMillan

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2 Responses to It’s Spring

  1. hernibs says:

    Thank you Heather. That’s an old poem but every year it’s relevant. 😉


  2. Heather says:

    What a great description. Today it is hot and sunny. Walking along, I am amazed at the aromas all around – lilacs, rhodos, and all manner of bush, tree and bloom, exclaiming “Spring!”.



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