Interview With the Grandmother of Jesus

We still celebrate my grandson’s birthday. It was so hard to watch our daughter lose her son. It was hard to lose our grandson too. We really miss him and often when Mary and I get together for tea, we talk about him. When he was born I never dreamed our lives would be so changed by that baby.

He touched so many people in his short life. I expected our daughter to hit bottom after he died, but she seems to be enveloped in the same peace she had when she found out she was expecting him. She believes with all her heart every word he ever said. He told her he would come back again and he would take her to be with him forever. She walks up into the hills in the morning hoping to meet him. I worried about her at first, thought she was in denial or something, but I am beginning to understand what Mary said the night she told us she was pregnant. She said she would have a son and she would call him Jesus because he was going to be the Saviour of the world. And the day she came back from taking flowers to his tomb and said he was not dead, that he had been brought back to life. I held her and rocked her. I didn’t understand it, but my heart tells me it is true. My grandson is the Saviour. Instead of looking back, reliving his birth, maybe I should get out there with Mary and watch for his return.

©1996 Sharron R. McMillan

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