Waiting For You

Mocha meows –
time to get up.
Light the fire,
feed, play,
empty her en-suite.

Six hens
cluck at coop doors,
wanting scraps,
fresh water
and morning freedom.

Humming bird
hovers at the feeder,
and Stellar Jay
pecks at the kitchen window,
wanting their breakfast too.

Four generations of deer
wait by the door,
only trusting you
for morning snacks.

And I,
in my studio,
wait for the gong to call me in
for best cup of coffee in Canada
with hot milk,
toast and peanut butter with jam.

You never disappoint.
Sick, tired or not in the mood,
you still care lovingly for your charges
and we all love to wait for you.

©Sharron R. McMillan

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