Click Complete and Move On

Each time I come to the end of a section of the day’s lesson and read “Click complete to move on” I have to smile.
That is the key to happiness. Complete. Move on.

So simple and yet I leave tasks half done,  skip pages or ignore signposts
and wonder why my progress is slow or halted.

My choices, lists, chores, responsibilities are my daily tasks.
I can move through them, marking each as complete.
I can move on to the next day feeling I have done my best
I have completed my tasks and I am ready, equipped and enthusiastic about moving on
to whatever this year, this relationship, this moment presents.

Click complete and move on.

©2015 Sharron R. McMillan

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6 Responses to Click Complete and Move On

  1. I usually operate that way, too. I only make lists when I have so many huge things to do that I am afraid I can’t prioritize or even remember everything anymore. It helps to lay it out and figure out what to do next. But I prefer your way. Completely.


  2. hernibs says:

    Thank you Brenda. Nothing is quite as satisfying as crossing off done things on a list. I seem to have adopted the ‘just one thing’ method nowadays though and that too is satisfying and a less stressful way,for me anyway, to get things done. I decide on one thing in the morning, one thing I hope to accomplish that day. If I finish it, I can move on to one more thing but I never have unfinished things on a list anymore, which for my way f thinking is success. 😉 Only one thing is needed has become a mantra that I use in many aspects of my life. Lessens the choices needing to be made and increases the successes. 😉

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  3. Gorgeous photo. Lists. More lists. Done. More done. 🙂



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