And the spotlight shines on . . .


I love how the sun finds one tree or leaf to shine on, as though training a high intensity spotlight just on it for a few moments of glory, amidst trees and ferns in its shadow.
Spotlight fades and now another branch is the star.
Now a spider web glows like sterling, suspended between cedar branches. I doubt I could capture that with my camera so I choose to watch as it fades back into the dark backdrop again.
And then, as though a proud mother showing off her youngest, ‘look how much you’ve grown,’ the light green leaves of a thin maple beam with colour at being noticed.  First one small leaf appears ephemeral, floating alone while shaded by larger leaves, its branch camouflaged by the fir-tree behind it. Every day light finds new ways to highlight that family of maple leaves, as though it has a message for me I just don’t get.
©2017 Sharron R.McMillan


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