Interview With A Shepherd

I was on the night shift that night. The sheep were all asleep, the guys and I were dozing.
“What’s that?” I heard something in the darkness.
“Shh, it’s just the gravel pit” someone answered.
I listened, it didn’t sound like the gravel pit to me.
Suddenly the whole sky was lit up, like daylight.
This man, glowing like a halogen headlight, stood there.
I was terrified. I covered my eyes, waiting for something dreadful to happen.
He told us not to be afraid. Yeah, right.
He said that a baby had been born in Bethlehem and I remember thinking, so?
He said this baby was our Saviour and that He would bring Peace to our world.
We could go and find the baby wrapped up in old clothes sleeping in a manger.
Then this whole a capella group appeared. It was awesome.
I thought I had dreamed it, but the other guys were talking about it too.
We wondered why angels would bother with us. I mean, you’d expect an event like this would be announced in Ottawa, but out here, in the hills?
We had to go and find this stable, this baby.
It wasn’t that hard, a huge star seemed to light up a whole yard in town.
We peered into the stable and sure enough, a baby wrapped up in cloth, was lying in a manger.
I barged right in to tell the parents what had happened to us. They were amazed too.
They looked pretty tired and we weren’t going to stay,  but it was hard to tear ourselves away from this peaceful scene. No one expected the Messiah to arrive like this and I never dreamed we, insignificant shepherds, would ever be a part of anything great or remembered for just doing our job.

©1995 Sharron R. McMillan

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2 Responses to Interview With A Shepherd

  1. hernibs says:

    Thank you Heather. I love sheep too. Actually we are all like sheep in many ways. 😉


  2. Heather says:

    What a neat piece that is! I love the imagery. Of course, I also love sheep. Maybe… a previous lifetime……?



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