Art work by Maria

Art work by Maria

Will you hold refreshment
for those who are thirsty,
or measure out samples
for those who are full.

Will you carry love
for those thought unlovable,
will kindness spill over
or will you be cruel.

Will you fill up with laughter
with those who are laughing,
and tears for all those
who will mourn.

Or will you be filled
with the humour of mockers
that splashes on weak ones
you scorn.

Will you grab and grasp
filling up more,
adding and hoarding
to all you can store.

Or will you be giving
and pour out yourself,
or just be contented
to sit on a shelf.

It is all about choices,
that set you apart,
a taker or a giver
of what fills up your heart.

©1987 Sharron R. McMillan

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