Free Range Germs

Photograph: Sharron R.McMillan

Photograph: Sharron R.McMillan

If people would take care of themselves
when they get sick
we wouldn’t have these epidemics.

Kids get sick and go to school anyway
because parents have to go to work.
Teachers get sick and go to school anyway
thinking no one else can do their job.

The grocery store cashier
sneezes on your produce
Even the dentist looks like
he should have stayed in bed for the day.

Free range germs, passed around wholesale.
No vaccine can stop these germs
or the mutations and permutations
of all those germs.

We need to be re-educated about how to be sick.
Drugstore cold remedies
relieve symptoms
but do not kill germs.

Pumping drugs into the system
and going on with life as usual
is not how to handle illness.

Call in sick,
take the remedies,
read a good book,
sip hot lemon and honey.
Stay home
until you’re better.

That’s the best preventative
everyone in our society can agree to.

©Sharron R. McMillan

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