Heart in Sand 2
I knew I was not worthy
but I came to Him
because there was nowhere else to go.
I came not asking for anything,
bringing only my tears
and my only pure, unopened possession,
a tiny bottle of perfume
given to me in love
by a child.

I did not know what I would say.
When His eyes met mine
I fell on my knees at His feet
breaking the little bottle.
Anguish, trying to wipe spilled perfume
and my tears from His feet with my hair.

He spoke and my head raised,
“Her sins, which are many,
have been forgiven,
for she loved much.
She who is forgiven little
loves little.”

His eyes held mine
as He gently spoke again,
“Your sins have been forgiven,
your faith has saved you
Go in peace.”

©Sharron R. McMillan
First published Esprit magazine 1993

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