Christmas Monologue 2 – Mary

Babies. Don’t you love them.
I’ve often wondered how a tiny baby could have been the Son of God.
If His miraculous conception hadn’t happened, I would have doubted more.
How humiliating for the God of the universe to be squeezed into our world,
put to sleep in the coarse straw of a stable.
ogled and gooed at, patted and poked
as all beautiful babies are and I often wondered how it made him feel.
One day when Jesus ran to me with a cut on his knee,
tears running down his nose,
I suddenly realized, he felt just like us.
He was completely human.
What better way for God to communicate with us than to become one of us,
to experience life as we do, completely.
Of course it makes such sense now as I think back on it.
He had to be one of us,
live as the least of us
and even die as the worst of us
so that we would listen to him.
So that we have would believe
we have a Saviour who knows our weaknesses,
who loves us.
Listen to Him.

©1996 Sharron R. McMillan

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