How I Would Change the World If I Could

Photograph: Sharron R. McMillan

Photograph: Sharron R. McMillan

Our world is the most beautiful place we could imagine,
yet we who live here take it for granted
and abuse what has been given us to enjoy.

If I had the power to change anything,
I would open the eyes of every person in North America
so they see through the eyes of someone who has never seen
what we take for granted.

I would pour wonder into them again, gratitude,
and I would figure out a way we who have so much
could share it with those who have so little.

I would pick up and hug every unloved
and uncared for child,
hand them to someone with empty arms
desperate to hold them by the heart.

I would find a way to stop wanton waste,
pray for those who have much yet are so unhappy
and I would put an end to greediness and hatred.

There is much that needs changing in our world,
but all I can do is change myself
and I work on that every day of my life.

I ask myself why I think I need another pair of shoes
when I can only wear one pair at a time,
why do I think I deserve more food than I need three times a day,
what can I give to someone else today that would make their day better.

That’s all I have the power to change in this world.

©2005 Sharron R. McMillan
Published in “Thirteen Travelling Journals” Diarist Interview.

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