The Truth

Photograph: Sharron R. McMillan

Photograph: Sharron R. McMillan

There must be absolutes – a beginning, an end, a reason, a purpose.
Myths must have originated somewhere.
Certainly much has been invented by someone else,
perpetrated as The Truth.
But that can not negate the fact that truth is.
And that truth is absolute.
Truth is smaller and simpler than any myth built around it.
Truth is not black, it is not white, it is pure light.
It is not good, it is not bad, it is truth.
Truth is what was before we who created myths were
and it shall be long after we and our myths have died.
I am.
I am not a myth.
Truth, love, light, life is not myth.
Death is not a myth.
What I Know in my inner depths, is not myths.
How I try to explain what I know,
relating it to my world and others may be myths
but I know
and who I tell it to also knows
it is myth.
Lumping all truth into a box with all religions
is like trying to cage all animals and all humans together
and saying that is Life.
Life and truth exist alone.
Religion and humanity, wild life, atheism, and agnosticism exist
because life and truth exist
but they are not all life nor all truth.
What I invent or how I relate to others
is not necessarily based on truth or on life.
If I kill another,
I may invent myths to absolve myself for doing so,
but that myth does not change the truth about life or truth.
Living in truth, I think, is living without myths.
Searching to find truth and accepting truth when it is known.
Refusing trappings and cages, boxes and labels.
Being free
but bound by the knowledge that truth is life
and life is living the truth.
This world does not need anymore myths.
This world needs truth – simple, unaltered truth.
Then we will know what life and the value of life
and the purpose, the origin and the end of life is.

©1994 Sharron R. McMillan

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