Backwoods Journal – Homestead Architecture

Our Living Room Addition with apricot tree planted against it.

Our Living Room Addition with apricot tree planted against it.

After another stint working away from our homestead, we acquired a large sectional couch which could not fit into our little house no matter how hard we tried.  So Ken set the couch up on the lawn in front of the bedroom.  He used stakes and string to mark the shape, propping found old wooden windows behind the couch until satisfied with the design.  Then we set to work on our living room.  Dad came and helped and we celebrated Thanksgiving that year in our lovely yet unfinished living room.  It more than doubled the size of our house and we had to add an electric baseboard to heat it.  Ken’s mom gave us more wonderful pieces of his grandfather’s furniture to fill up the space.  Our life and our outlook were expanding.

©Sharron R. McMillan

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