Backwoods Journal Part four

Photograph: Kenneth A. McMillan

Photograph: Kenneth A. McMillan

Ken’s grandfather gave us an antique sleigh bed, so a bedroom was the first addition to our house. There were challenges to adding onto a hexagonal house, one was the need to make any addition lower than the original house so as not to change the roof line. So one step down to the bedroom was the way around that problem.  We added several scrounged wooden windows for light and the new shag carpet Ken’s mom bought us and moved the sleigh bed and huge Welsh dresser from his grandfather into our new room. We felt like royalty sleeping under my handmade patchwork in our wonderful old sleigh bed.

1977 our sleigh bed from Ken's grandfather

1977 our sleigh bed from Ken’s grandfather

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2 Responses to Backwoods Journal Part four

  1. hernibs says:

    Thank you Diane. Nothing like a trip down memory lane to remind one how special our life is and how blessed we are. 😉


  2. Diane says:

    I love seeing these pictures Sharron and hearing your story…Especially in the wonderful way you tell it!



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