Spring Gardening Tips

Eagle on tree tip copy

Today it really feels like spring!  No rain, no wind, no clouds – a whole day to play outside in the garden. I’ve been watching Gardening DVD’s for inspiration or for something to do when my muscles are just too tired to do anything else. I copy every tip I hear or read onto 3″ x 5″ index cards. I have stacks of them overflowing with enough good ideas to last a life time.  I thought I would share some with you, maybe inspire some digging in the dirt or at least dreaming about doing so.

If your kitty likes to garden too, this will make sure it gets the point – stick round wooden toothpicks in your pots, pointy end sticking out of the dirt enough to make an uncomfortable sitting spot.  Also old used teabags sprayed with muscle spray and buried around plants will deter kitty coming to that spot.  They don’t like the smell.

Spray a band of WD 40 or smear a band of vaseline around the outside of a large pot to keep slugs and snails from crawling up and into it.

Line terra-cotta pots with a plastic bag. Make a hole in the center for drainage. It won’t dry out as quickly as clay pots tend to.

An old apple corer makes a great dibber for planting little seedlings.

Paint over your plant labels with clear nail polish. That will make sure your labels can be read right through the season.

One banana skin per rose-bush will feed it all the nutrients it needs. Chop up the peel and bury around the rose-bush in the spring. We’ve been doing this, eating a banana a day is good for us too.

I’m going to try this one with the climbing rose on the new pump house. Just a dab of silicone seal on the wall, wait a few minutes for it to dry some, press the rose stem into the silicone, voila – it will stay put. Can’t wait to try this, I have tried everything from staples to twist ties to keep my rose on the wall and nothing has been very satisfactory.

One more and I hope you’re heading for your garden because that’s where I’m off to.

Grated soap is a good squirrel deterrent sprinkled where you don’t want the cute little critters.

Happy Gardening!

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4 Responses to Spring Gardening Tips

  1. faye says:

    Love your blog! your gardening tips are terrific, I am not a gardener–except for indoor plants but I DO love to see the gardens. Your enthusiasm almost makes me go out and buy a trowel and some seeds…..almost….learned a new word “dibber” and will enjoy impressing all my gardening friends with your hot tips, especially the banana one, the squirrel soap. I will however, think fondly of you next time I watch Gardening TV, my kind of gardening. Looking forward to your next edition! I may make some little signs for your garden: ” Kitties beware-do not sit here” 🙂


  2. hisnibs says:

    Sorry to see such a negative attitude towards cats. It might be wise to check the toilet seat for the next few days! Pointy sticks indeed.


  3. EmJay says:

    Awww. I miss your garden! Meant to ask you…is it too early to cut back the limp greenery from my crocuses or do I have to wait until they’re completely dead?


    • hernibs says:

      I replied to your question but forgot to post it. Sorry. It is best for the bulbs to leave the greenery until you can pull each leaf up carefully and it comes away from the bulb. You can also tie the leaves into knots so they look a little less messy until time to pull them up.



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